I’m finally home and couldn’t wait to download some of the photos from this week. Enjoy!

First, the Literacy Signing, where we raised more than $46,000 for Pro Literacy!

Not a bad night’s work, huh? But signing works up an appetite so a quick stroll through Times Square…
…and we found ourselves in a wonderful place called Maria Pia:
The following morning a few of the Avalon Authors met for breakfast at Junior’s (on the left in pale pink: Shirley Marks, seated in the center in black: Carolyn Hughey, and on the right: Carolyn Brown)
Later in the afternoon, Avalon editor Lia Brown raffled off several books at the Avalon Spotlight: take a look at what some lucky attendees took home!

After the RITA/GH ceremony, we headed to Junior’s for some celebratory munchies.
 Now, we wait until next year to do it all over again!
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