A great big thank you to all those who showed up at the Farmingdale Public Library last night for the LIRW‘s featured talk on How to Get Your Work Published. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one surprised to leave the meeting room and discover we’d closed the place. We were originally scheduled to talk until 8:30 pm, but somehow, time slipped by and we didn’t leave the library until nearly 10! I hope that all of you who stuck around for so long did so because you gained a new knowledge and you’re looking forward to pursuing your dream of publication as a serious possibility.
Now, at last, I’m hoping life will slow down for me so I can finally finish Hayley’s story before my revisions pop up for my second book for Avalon. Yes, my dears, it’s official: I spoke to my editor yesterday morning and, barring any unforeseen hiccups, A Little Slice of Heaven will be my second release!!!!!
Slice is the story of former nursery school teacher Gianna Randazzo, now relegated to working in her family’s pizzeria, and the mysterious stranger who may or may not need her help to discover what’s truly important in life. The inspiration for this story came from Nick and a few of the other guys at Via Pizza in East Setauket who wanted to know why no one every writes romances that take place in a pizzeria. Well…at least not since Lady and the Tramp’s famous spaghetti scene.
I took up the challenge with vigor. Of course, now Philip thinks we should be getting free pizza for the rest of our lives.
In any event, I’m really excited to begin revisions; my editor, the fabulous Erin Cartwright Niumata, helps challenge me to make my stories the best they can be. At the same time, she doesn’t try to mess with my “voice” or the message I’m trying to convey.
And speaking of pizza, blog posts these days wouldn’t be the same without this week’s football score: Wildcats 28, Sachem 6! Looks like we’ll be having a pizza party Friday night to celebrate our victory. Wildcats’ record now: W 3 L 2 T1.
Go Wildcats!!!