(Book II of the Kismet Series)

Gina Ardito w/a Katherine Brandon

Available from Wild Rose PressAmazon, or B&N.com

“The complex characters and mesmerizing plot make Kismet’s Revenge compelling.” — Long and Short Reviews

Marisa Alvarez looks forward to a day she’ll remember the rest of her life. Instead of the marriage proposal and happily ever after she expects, however, she becomes one of only a handful of survivors of one of the bloodiest Indian uprisings in American history, the attack on Fort Mims.

Lucien St. Clair has been sent to Pensacola to learn the identity of a clever saboteur who calls himself “La Venganza.” As he pursues the enigmatic figure, he is inexplicably drawn to Marisa, a treacherous woman whose beautiful face may hide deadly secrets.

But when acts of revenge escalate to kidnapping, Lucien will have to find a way to gain Marisa’s trust, not only to save her life, but to win her heart!

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