The Bonds of Matri-Money

The Bonds of Matri-Money

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“Ms. Ardito allows the reader to feel the sensations, while grasping hold of the characters and never letting go, in this extraordinary tale.” — Coffee Time Romance

Renata Moon and Connell MacAllister lost more than a frivolous lawsuit in a Manhattan courtroom. Paying the settlement will probably force them to close their non-profit business. That is, until they learn about a new survivalist game show set in exotic Bali. Grand prize: one million dollars. The catch? The show is for newlyweds.

Nothing that a quickie marriage – in name only – can’t fix. But Renata and Connell didn’t anticipate they’d be linked by handcuffs the entire time they’re competing! Soon, spending days and nights with only a few inches of chain between them begins to stir feelings they never knew existed.

Before the competition ends, Renata and Connell will be forced to decide which means more to them: love or money.

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