It’s been a very wet June (and May and April) here. Now, honestly, I’m not one to whine about the weather. Normally I save my rants for things I can control. But in this case, I have to make an exception. I think I might have mentioned that I’ve been sick since January. (Umm…yeah. I’m still sick). Turns out that the staph infection in my sinuses loves the accommodations so much, it has decided to take up permanent residence there. I now need nasal surgery to remove the pesky inflammation and be allowed to admit oxygen to my brain again. We’re in the scheduling process now–happy, happy, joy, joy.

But in the meantime, the heavier the rain, the more pain I endure in my head. After a particularly brutal day, I likened the experience to “looking upon the face of God.” It’s a white hot pain, sharp and incessant, above my right eye. (The left is more of a throbbing ache.) It inhibits my ability to think, much less write.

And of course, this much rain means my backyard swimming pool still resembles a swamp, the dh can’t get to the beach, and the dampness seems to permeate every pore. Misery abounds.

Still…I will press on, trying to focus on the good things going on. Dd and I split the cost of a new digital camera (you recall the laundry fiasco, right?) so I’ll be ready to take oodles of photos at this weekend’s big event.

Yes, Sunday is the FIRST ANNUAL DUNES & DREAMS MID-SUMMER’S DAY BOOKSIGNING TO BENEFIT LITERACY SUFFOLK! The forecast calls for rain in the morning with clearing in the afternoon. So take advantage of the brief sunlight and come down to Pindar Vineyards! Sip a little wine, read a little romance, and put a smile on my swollen face.