With thanks to Chumplet for awarding me the above honor from The Shameless Lions Writing Circle. It means that someone reads the drivel I post here. So, in accordance with the rules, I have to list three things necessary to make writing good and powerful, followed by awarding five writers whom I admire for their powerful words. Ho-kay. Here we go…

1. A NEED TO SAY SOMETHING: Self-explanatory, yes? If you’ve got nothing to say, you’ve got no reason to write. ‘Nuff said.

2. COURAGE: Despite the wisdom of those who’ve come before me, I don’t see writing as little drops of blood on your forehead or draining your vein onto a page. For me, writing is my brain stealing pieces of my heart, placing them in a public venue, and waiting for the reviews. It’s hard, scary, and oftentimes devastating. But it’s also exhilirating, cathartic, and as necessary to me as oxygen. Starting my first story set me on an adventure that I now can never quit. If I didn’t write for a publisher, I’d still write for me and my friends.

3. A LOVE OF THE WRITTEN WORD: You can’t do justice to anything you don’t love wholeheartedly. Before I wrote, I loved words and played word games or puzzles all the time. And I was always pretty darn good at ’em. (The family is constantly trying to stump me at Hangman. So far, they’ve had no luck. Even when dh cheats by using coworkers’ very ethnic names!) With writing though, I’ve taken my love to a new level, a place of neverending plots, storylines, and characters. It’s my world. That old saying, “I live in my own world, but it’s okay. They know me here.” Yup. Too true.

And now, the harder part. Between Chumplet and the RWU crew, lots of people have already been tagged. But how about Tempest, Heather, Dawn, Adelle, and Babe. Congratulations, ladies of the plume! I dub thee all WRITERS OF POWERFUL WORDS!