The kids are both back in school as of today; my daughter in her third year of college, my son starting high school (tenth grade). For me, like so many other parents, this heralds in a new pattern to the days. We’ll be awake the same time, sharing coffee in the morning, fighting for bathroom rights. It’ll take me a little longer to get to Le Day Job and back, thanks to the increase in traffic and the perpetual school bus stops. The next few days will usher in multiple trips to Staples for supplies. Evenings will revolve around reading, writing, and homework. Weekends will become a time we all look forward to for reconnecting, catching up, and relaxing together.

Along with school comes autumn, my favorite season because it reminds me of home and hearth. The shorts and sandals will move into the attic and sweats and sweaters will fill the closets. Sunday barbecues will give way to Sunday roasts. My kids will be thrilled to smell my chicken soup simmering on the stove (they claim it’s “crack” and will often sneak crocks full to sip while it’s still cooking). Baking becomes a regular ritual. The leaves will change colors, hubby will close up the pool, and we’ll start looking forward to the holidays. (I know a few people who’ve already started their Christmas shopping…heathens!)

What’s your favorite part about this time of year?

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