Over at the Classic and Cozy blog today, I’m talking about my first foray into skydiving. You should read it. Just click on the link. Go ahead; I’ll wait. Leave a comment if you’re so inclined. Then come back here. 

You’re back? Good. So, if you read my other post, you know that I mentioned how the Fates were toying with me and I opted to take back control. I learned a lot from that leap. I took back control by giving up control at the most dangerous time in my life. 

Now, if you’re in a battle with the Fates and don’t really relish the idea of climbing up to 16,000 feet and leaping to the hurtling Earth below, you can find another way to take back control. Find your joy and seize it! With both hands. 

Don’t know what your joy is?

Ask yourself these questions:

What makes you happiest?
What brings out your passion?
What relaxes you, inspires you, makes you feel alive?
If you had a weekend to do anything you wanted with no interruptions, what would you choose?

For writers, this joy-seizure is sometimes called, “refilling the well.” We pour a lot of ourselves into our stories–emotionally and physically. When we finish our latest Magnum Opus, we need to reboot and reconnect with other parts of our lives. Our joys are as unique as our stories: you’ll find authors who love to cook, or have an interest in wine, or needlework, or kickboxing. There are ballroom dancers and swimmers and jewelry makers. Some of us love going to Ren Faires or collecting antiques. We all have our passions, our joys that help us rejuvenate and recharge the Muse. 

No matter what you do in life, you must find that one interest that brings you joy. So, whether it’s spending time with your grandkids, singing opera, or hiking, seize your joy. Indulge in it whenever you need to refill your well–even if it’s just a few minutes every week. 

Day-to-day life beats us up. The Fates toy with us every once in a while. Find ways to take time for yourself. Even if it’s just dancing in your car when you’re stuck in traffic. Seize your joy. Shake up the Fates. Take back the happiness that’s meant to be yours.

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