Okay, I admit it’s been a while since I’ve written here, but be consoled: my revising via the blank page method is still working beautifully. The first 50 pages of “Kismet’s Angel” are better, tighter, and ready for publication, thanks to this odd new behavior of mine.

I would probably have twice as much done if it weren’t for real life getting in the way. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot going on right now, most of it serious, some of it downright petty and ridiculous. But each of us occasionally takes our turn in the barrel. This month, it seems to be my family’s turn and by extension, mine.

There really is no glorious ride into the sunset in real life. The best we can hope for are moments of sheer joy. Those moments carry us through the not-so-pleasant ones. Luckily, I am surrounded by love and have many moments of sheer joy to stave against the events in motion right now. By this time next year, I hope this will just be another example of how we triumphed over adversity.

Getting back to my revisions, I’ve been catching up with a few writer friends’ blogs and am amazed at how much time some writers spend reading about the craft of writing. They’ll go to a conference and hear a writer present a new way to draft a character arc, or they’ll read an article (or blog entry) about story structure or characterization and wham! They’re attempting to work this new method into their latest wip. Sometimes, it works. But most of the time, what I’ve discovered, is that it’s just another distraction, like email and online poker. The only way to finish a story is to WRITE.

Save the formulas and the new programs for the revision process (where you can take advantage of my Fixing The Blank Page Method…)