It seems to me these days that we spend too much time pushing ahead instead of enjoying what we have in front of us. School supplies hit store shelves before the 4th of July, this week Starbucks announced they’re getting ready to reintroduce their Pumpkin Spice Lattes for fall, and yesterday, a friend told me she’d started her Christmas shopping already!

When I was little and couldn’t wait to grow up, my mother used to accuse me of wishing my life away. Nowadays, I’d say we’re shopping our lives away–always looking for the early bird special to save a few bucks, but never really enjoying the here and now. So here it is the final week in August and guess what? I’m not putting away my flip flops yet. I refuse to climb into the attic to pull out my sweaters and jeans now. Autumn doesn’t officially start until September 21. I’ll wait til then to welcome the colors, the crisp air, and yes, the pumpkin spice lattes.

How about you?

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