Nobody’s Business is Book II of the Nobody series. This time around, Brooklyn Raine finds love in an unlikely place. Brooklyn was once an Olympic ski champ, but dropped off fame’s radar after the death of her Olympic ski champ husband. Now, she’s content to live a quiet life as Lyn Hill, local B&B owner. 

Sports reporter Doug Sawyer lost his arm while embedded with a military unit in Iraq and has enrolled in a rehabilitation program called Ski-Hab. When he discovers Lyn’s secret identity, he believes he’s found the news story that will renew his journalism mojo. 

What I love about the Nobody series is the relationship between the three sisters. Each one is a unique individual, and each holds on to grudges that have affected the way they interact with one another. But the more time they spend together, the more they talk, the closer they become. Case in point:

“C’mon, April. Speak up. Gimme the details. What’s planned for me today that I’m not going to like?”
“Well…” She sipped the coffee, smiled again at Lyn over the rim. “I figure we can either call Summer to ask for her help with my wedding…”
“Or…?” Lyn waited for the other shoe to drop.
“Or we could talk about your date last night.”
April’s eyes brightened as she fidgeted in the captain’s chair, clutching the arm rests as if to keep from leaping in the air. “Who was that guy? And why didn’t you tell me you were dating again? Not that I’m not thrilled. Believe me, I am. It’s long past time you put away the grieving widow routine. And this Doug guy’s adorable. In a big, bad lion-with-a-thorn-in-his-paw kinda way. Did you meet him at Ski-Hab? How’d he lose his arm? Did you see his prosthetic? It’s totally realistic. You could barely tell it was fake. He says it has fingerprints and everything.”
Lyn rubbed the pads of her fingertips over her closed eyelids and sighed. “April? You’re rambling.”
A flaw only Jeff found endearing. For everyone not currently engaged to April, including Lyn, her runaway mouth had the same effect as nails on a chalkboard. Particularly when she honed in on a topic no one else wanted to discuss. Like Douglas Sawyer.
“Oops.” April slapped four fingers over her mouth. “Sorry. I guess I’m nervous about calling Summer.”
“Why? I’d imagine she’d be thrilled to help you. This is right up her alley: planning, organizing, bossing you around.” She laughed, but April didn’t join in.
“Let’s get back to your date,” April said with a feral grin. “I see you haven’t opened your card yet.”
Amusement fled abruptly, and Lyn frowned. “I’m not ready.”
“What’s to be ready for? It’s a card. And I’m dying to see what it says.”
Another sigh escaped Lyn’s lips. “You have no boundaries, do you?”
“Oooooh. Testy, huh? That means this is more than just a date for you. It’s a relationship.”
“It’s not a relationship. For heaven’s sake, we just met two days ago. And how would you know what my testiness means? If I was, in fact, testy?”
“Trust me. You’re testy. And I know what that means, thanks to Jeff.”
She briefly closed her eyes so April wouldn’t notice her pupils rolling into the back of her head. “Just because you’re marrying a psychologist does not make you an expert on people.”
“That’s not what I meant.”
Sarcasm slipped out easier than a third sigh. “Do tell, oh wise and gifted one.”
“Okay, I will. You really like this guy. And that scares the bejeezus out of you.”
“Liar.” The accusation slipped between them smoother than a dryer sheet under a door. “You can’t fool me, Lyn. I’ve been there. When I first started falling for Jeff, the idea scared me stupid.”
“I’m not–”
“Yeah, you are. Scared stupid. Just like me. For different reasons, but the reaction’s the same. See, I kept thinking about my first marriage. All the times Peter cheated on me and (a) did I want to go through that agony again and (b) what if he cheated because I was boring? How long would it be before Jeff found me boring?”
“I am not boring.”
“Yeah, you are,” April repeated with a toothy grin. “But that’s beside the point. Those were my issues. Your issues are different.”
Lyn folded her arms over her chest and glared. “So what are my issues, Dr. April?”
April shrugged. “Only you know for sure, but I bet one of them is, ‘What if I fall head over heels for this guy and he leaves me? Like Marc did.’”
“Marc didn’t leave me.”
Her features softened, as did her tone. “Yeah, sweetie. He did. I admit, it wasn’t his choice. But he left you. And then you left you. You holed yourself up in this inn and built a wall around your heart. But now, this Doug guy’s climbing over your wall. And you’re scared stupid.”

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