Welcome to Sunday Snippet, where I’ll post a small snippet from one of my pubbed books and maybe, wax eloquent on the scene: why I wrote it, how I thought of it, or some other commentary. Today, I’m looking at Nobody’s Darling, Book I of the Nobody series, available now through Montlake Romance.

“Are you asking permission to kiss me again?”
Now heglanced at his shuffling feet. “Well, yeah. I guess I am. What do you say? May I kiss you?”
Should she let him? Did she dare?
A thrill of anticipation rippled through her bones. He’d asked permission. No one had ever asked permission to kiss her before. The originality of his proposal tempted her to give in. Yet, she held back.
What exactly did she feel for Jeff? It couldn’t be love; she’d only known him a few days. Love took longer to blossom. Heck, a tomato plant took longer to blossom.
Lust was probably closer to the truth.
April had some experience with lust–not in eighteen years or so–but she still remembered how her last surrender to that deadly sin affected the rest of her life. She’d always excused that mistake with the notion she was young and naïve when she fell for Peter’s clumsy declarations of eternal love on her parents’ couch.
But she was supposed to be older and wiser now. Too old and too wise to succumb to her body’s desire for a momentary passionate connection. 

I admit, I’m not a huge fan of the alpha male. I prefer a hero who knows when to be alpha and when to be beta. Just like I don’t want a one-dimensional heroine, I don’t want a one-dimensional hero. In this case, Jeff, my hero, knows that grabbing April by the hair and smashing his mouth against hers is *not* the way to win her heart. He’s all about the slow, sexy campaign that will break down her defenses. And yowza, that man knows just how to chip away at her wall. From coffee in bed to sensual Scrabble to asking permission to kiss her, Jeff’s strategies endear him to April, to me, and (I hope) to the reader.

Be sure to let me know if he succeeded in winning your heart, too! You can contact me through my website or, even better, post a review on Amazon, Shelfari, or Goodreads to share your opinion with me and all my readers.

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