Things That Tickle Me

1. Signing a copy of my book for my boss.
2. Receiving emails of congrats from professionals who once rejected my work.
3. Walking into my office’s break room to see several people reading copies of my book.
4. Mailing a copy of my book to my favorite author ever (at her request!)
5. Walking into my local library to see my book prominently displayed with a sticker that says, “Local Author.”

Things That Make Me Cringe

1. Sending copies of my books to reviewers.
2. Waiting for a release date for the second book.
3. Noticing that there are less than 5 advance copies left and more than 10 recipients waiting.
4. Starting the query process all over again.
5. Worrying my best work is behind me.

I know I should focus on the ticklish things and remember that most of the cringeworthy items aren’t in my control. But no one becomes a writer because they’re a shrinking violet. A psychology student I once met said it best: “You like to write because you like to play God in your own world. You decide who lives, who dies, who falls in love, and who gets their just desserts.”

There’s probably a lot of truth in that. What do you think?