This week, in my local Sunday paper, a magazine insert featured an article about “re-gifting,” that is, the dubious tradition of giving a gift to someone that you received from someone else, but didn’t like or couldn’t use.

Ick. Sadly, women were more likely than men to re-gift (that statistic surprised me considering the preconceived notions regarding women and shopping.) Northern United States residents reigned supreme in the geographic demographics, if you will.

With the utmost gift-giving season upon us, may I say a few words to those who are considering a “re-gift”? Please, don’t. Yes, we’re all busy. Time and money may be tight, and maybe I’m the only person left on Planet Earth that finds this tradition tacky. But I’d much rather receive something small, cheap or homemade, that says the giver thought about me when choosing it, and didn’t just decide to do a little sprucing up in the attic or basement. Yes, I’m a sentimental softie. (Does that surprise you, dear reader?)

Speaking of sentimental softies, the first round of revisions on A Little Slice of Heaven is completed. This second story for Avalon Books will be winging its way back to my editor before the end of the week, and then it’s time to start revising Hayley’s story–on the off-chance my editor decides to take a return trip to the fictional Long Island town of Setquott Beach and go for the “hat trick.”

Oh…and because the week wouldn’t be complete unless I got a chance to boast about one of my kids, here’s a photo of Tori taken before a Sweet 16 party this weekend. Note: her baby photo in the background.