Oh, sure. We’re all still riding the high of new requests, new ideas, and new contacts. But I always come back with a few additional “souvenirs” I didn’t anticipate. Last week’s event in Atlanta is no exception. Most of them manifest the first full day back. How many are you suffering from?

1. My legs hurt. Too many hours of high heels with little to no letup have left me with cramps in my shins. Nowhere else, just my shins.
2. I have conference fog. I put my dress on inside-out today and didn’t have a roommate to point that out to me.
3. My muse has ADD. We were steaming along fine on the current WIP before our time in Atlanta. Now, a few conversations with editors and author friends and…ooh! Shiny thing! My muse suddenly wants to switch projects.
4. My internal clock is amok. And I didn’t even change time zones! For me, especially this year, the RWA Conference meant a chance to slow down from my normal hectic pace. Now I’m struggling to catch up on all my to-dos while racing the clock. And there’s no one saving my seat at the bar! I mean, how am I expected to go back to routine?
5. I am staff-less. What happened to those sweet young men willing to drive me and my friends wherever we wish to go at a moment’s notice? Who will tell me where I should have lunch? Why hasn’t Joe, the adorable bartender, brought me another Oceanic cocktail yet? 
Reality sucks. But I’ll suffer through a full year of torture for next year’s stint in San Antonio.