I’ve pretty much enslaved myself to Dunes & Dreams RWA for June. I’ll be hosting an online workshop on Basics Bootcamp, assisting newbie writers in a mentor-style setting for the month. But I’m also presenting the June workshop on Body Language. This required me to become somewhat of a body language expert. I’m still immersing myself in all the information, but I have to admit to a fascination with what I’ve discovered.

For example, did you know that shaking the head for “no” is a trait developed from our infancy? And even blind people do it? Know why? Because as infants, when we’ve had enough to eat, we turn our heads away from our mothers’ breasts, turning side to side to indicate…you guessed it. “No.”

Want to learn more? Feel free to stop in to our June workshop. Details can be found at the Dunes & Dreams website. Or…if it goes well (and you’re the patient sort), maybe I’ll be presenting this workshop at RWA National in NY next year!

Meanwhile, don’t forget! Next Saturday, May 8 is the Literacy Signing at Pindar Vineyards in Peconic from 12-3 pm. Please, please, please!!! Come show your support for our authors. Coffee’s optional.