For those who didn’t see my Twitter post (you can follow me if you click the Twitter image in my sidebar), I finished my last book for my current series, Nobody’s Perfect yesterday, and sent it off to my editor at Avalon Books with 20 minutes to spare on my deadline. I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to the Raine girls: they’ve been with me now for about 18 months.
So what does an exhausted author do to celebrate the completion of a series? Well, this one opted for a serving of White Mint Fudge Light ice cream (100 calories!) and a date with her son to the movies. Today, as I slowly emerge from the writing cave and return to a life of semi-normalcy, I’ll do some shoe shopping (Hooray for shoe shopping!). Eventually, I’ll have to dash out for food, too. The cupboards are mighty bare these days.
I told the fam I wouldn’t start a new story until after the RWA National Conference, but…
We’ll see.

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