Long before “The Internets,” there have been people who have behaved badly in their public lives. The Web has simply made those instances available to the sane world to watch and comment on. As writers, we must always be aware of our behavior and how it reflects upon us. This is as important in the real world as it is in cyberspace.
I’m not sure why people who normally wouldn’t dare a confrontation in real life suddenly feel this inordinate power when it comes to email, blogs, online forums and loops. But consider this a gentle reminder that true power comes from within. Class is the ability to rise above the pettiness of others and move on with your life without obsessing about someone you believe may have wronged you.
Try to conduct your online life in the same manner you’d behave at a church social or in a room full of important people. Don’t let your emotions bring you down. The world is ugly enough without thoughtless promotion, rude emails, and childishness clouding your name.
Words to live by on this Friday night…