I know, I’ve been lax about blogging this week. I’ve just been incredibly busy in my day to day life. Writing is going great. Every time I come to the end of a chapter, I worry that I won’t have enough fodder to take this story to the next segment. But then Gertrude whispers some incredible idea, and whammo! We’re off and writing again.

Case in point: Two nights ago I felt supremely stuck on the details of Chapter Five. Without going into too much detail (because I want this book to be a surprise) I needed my H/h to be involved in some kind of investigation that would lead the heroine to be more successful at a solution than the hero, but would also instigate a big argument between them. I sat at the dining room table with the fam that night and asked them to brainstorm with me. They tossed around a few cliched suggestions, which I turned down. And then all of a sudden, the idea burst with such clarity, I nearly jumped out of my chair and ran to the computer for a little Google action. When I shared the scenario with the fam, The Boy looked at me and said, “How’d you get that from what we suggested?” I told him it wasn’t so much what they said, but the fact that their discussion got my mind moving into directions I hadn’t explored. And that’s when brainstorming really works to its best advantage.

And now…I’m off to do some more writing (what else?) I really, firmly believe this book will be outrageous, different, and well-received when it’s done. How’s that for uber-confidence?