Happy New Year, dear friends! While others are busy making resolutions and goals, this year, I’m into something different. (That’s me: Trendsetter.) I’m going with a mantra. And for 2013, the mantra is based on something that really hit home for me last year.

Everything is Temporary.

It’s a reminder to me (and anyone else who joins me in this mantra routine) that nothing, except death, can’t be overcome in time. Everything is Temporary. Your job, your friends, your home, your possessions, your problems. Everything can disappear in the blink of an eye–sometimes, it’s your choice; other times, it’s not. Never take for granted that your life and those in it will remain constant. We are all on our own life’s journeys: sometimes our roads intersect, sometimes they run parallel, and sometimes they veer away from each other.

What does this mean for me? I won’t miss an opportunity to tell those I care about how I feel. I’ll practice more patience with inconveniences that pop up. I’ll give some people the benefit of the doubt and forgive those who’ve wronged me in the past. I will do my best to live each day with joy, celebration, and love. 

Care to join me?

No matter what your resolutions, goals, or mantras, may 2013 bring us all peace, love, and joy!

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