Commentary regarding questions I have every day at Le Day Job.

1. Who the **** designed the taps in the ladies room? They’re rigidly timed for about five seconds of water, you can’t use hot and cold at the same time (only one or the other), and depending on the sink you choose, the spray is deluge or trickle. It’s sink roulette, but the game is fixed so you never win.

2. When is the construction on that one particular road I must travel every day going to be finished? The town has been paving the same one-block strip for eighteen months!

3. Why is it always so warm on my side of the office while workers on the other side are bundled up in parkas and gloves? 

4. Why does my office have two kitchens, but only one water filtration system and one ladies room?

5. Who told some of my coworkers that skin-tight leather skirts (that show every dimple) and six-inch stiletto heels were “proper business attire”?

6. Would someone please tell the lady with all the inspirational posters around her desk that every one of them has at least one misspelled word?

7. What do the guys think when they hear music blaring every time the ladies room door opens? Do they wonder if we’re having disco parties inside?

8. Why can’t we have pajama day? Preferably at home?

9. Ten years? How could I have stayed here ten years?

10. And why does it sometimes feel like a hundred years?

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