1. Run dialogue between my characters (which gets me some funny looks in the grocery store and in the middle of traffic jams!)

2. Re-read the last few chapters of my WIP to find a dangling thread I can pull.

3. Brainstorm with friends and critique partners.

4. Take a shower (Usually combined with #1: there’s something about the solitude, the rhythm of the pounding spray, and the endorphins released that gets my creative juices flowing…)

5. Play music (I try to match the mood of the scene I want to write: upbeat and fun, dark and moody, etc.)
6. Flip through a book of quotations and see where I land. (I’ve come up with some great new twists just from reading a line or two of Shakespeare or Keats.)

7. Walk the dog. (It’s the shower thing all over again, without the pounding spray, but with the funny looks from suggestion #1!)

8. Skip the troubling scene and move on to the next scene. (Sometimes moving forward just a bit opens me up to figuring out what’s needed in the previous scene.)

9. Rewrite the current scene in a different POV.

10. Surf the web for stories and images using key words. (Google something like “birthday” and see what comes up! You’ll be amazed!)

11. Write an article for my local RWA chapter’s newsletter.

12. Play computer Mah-Jongg.

13. Create a list for another day’s Thursday Thirteen.