The LIRW Agent/Editor Luncheon is this Friday and the guest list is still growing! Hard to believe, but at the rate we’re going, we may wind up with 3 business professionals at each table. What makes this so exciting is the availability of editors and agents to hear pitches from writers. With no appointments, no time maximum, and no limitations on how many agents or editors you can approach, this event is worth far more than the admission price.

I have several projects to discuss and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to hear from those I respect about what the future holds, what they’re excited about, and where the romance industry is headed.

So…the gift baskets are done, the chocolates are waiting to be picked up at Lindt (Thursday: any sooner and I can’t guarantee the gremlins in my household–both two-footed and four-footed–won’t get into them), I’ve chosen my outfit and picked up accessories to match, and of course my son has his final play of the school year smack dab in the center of the day on Friday! (One year it was my daughter’s graduation, another it was Field Day…seems I always need to be in two places at once when it comes to this event.) Luckily, in this case, Dad and Grandpa will see the thespian at his best and I’ll get a sneak peek by slipping into dress rehearsal on Thursday.

Can you tell I’m getting excited? I’m running on pure adrenaline these days. And that’s for one afternoon! Wait ’til we get close to National! By then, someone will have to peel me off the ceiling.

I hope you’re joining us this week. If not, maybe try penciling it in for next year. Or better yet, join us in Dallas in July. You won’t regret it.