Okay, so I’m cheating. I’m combining my usual Facebook post for Throwback Thursday with my daily blog post. It’s not against the rules. I know ‘cuz I made ’em up. This was taken at the Avalon Books spotlight event at RWA National in NY in 2011. From left to right: Leigh Verrill-Rhys, Shirley Marks, Carolyn Hughey, editor Lia Brown, Yours Truly, Victoria Johnson and Roni Denholz. The three center ladies are all wearing tiaras we picked up at the Disney store. (I’m Tinkerbell because I couldn’t find Maleficent horns.)

Immediately following this event, we went back to my room to consume much wine before the RITA/Golden Heart Awards. Which explains why I got into trouble with the luscious Trisha Kiefer (again!) at the awards event. You should’ve been there.

In 2015, RWA will be back in NY. Let’s see how much trouble I can cause this time around…

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