How much do you know about romantic comedy movies? Take this quiz and find out. I’ll post the answers on Saturday…

1. In the movie, “Ghost,” what song did Sam sing all night long to get Oda Mae Brown to go to Molly’s apartment?

2. What is Melvin Udall’s occupation in “As Good As It Gets”?

3. What is the name of the character played by Kathleen Turner in “Romancing the Stone” and “Jewel of the Nile”?

4. In what famous Manhattan landmark did Arthur Bach meet Linda Merolla in “Arthur”?

5. In “French Kiss,” when Kate finally confronts Charlie in Cannes, Luc wants to celebrate her victory with some wine. What does he buy instead?

6. When Kat hires male escort Nick to be “The Wedding Date,” what does she tell her family he does for a living?

7. In “A Fish Called Wanda,” Wanda gets all hot and bothered every time Archie speaks what foreign language?

8. A very famous movie actor has a cameo in “The Holiday” when Miles (played by Jack Black) waxes poetic about the musical score for “The Graduate.” Name the actor.

9. What’s the name of the magazine William Thacker claims to write for when he sits in on Anna Scott’s press junket in “Notting Hill”?

10. Name Mary’s favorite football team in “There’s Something About Mary.”

11. What’s the English translation of the Greek last name, Portokalos, in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?

12. What Broadway show tune does Greg recite when asked to say grace in “Meet the Parents”?

13. In “Legally Blonde,” what was Brooke Windham’s alibi at the time her husband was murdered?

So…how’d you do?