Hi! Little Miss Bella Wigglebottom here. Also known as “The Skitten.” Why? Because I’m a skittish kitten. (I know. But the humans think they’re clever so let’s just go along with it, shall we?) Since yesterday was Mr. A’s birthday, Mrs. A is allowing me to fill in for her on the Thursday 13. I thought I’d show you why a Skitten is an invaluable member of the Ardito household. Maybe you’ll consider getting one of your own!

1. Wake up time’s around 5 am. The humans don’t have to wake up ’til 6, but I consider it imperative everyone’s up with plenty of time to start their day! Thus I walk across heads, meowing, until every family member is on their feet.

2. Time for your workout, Mr. A! Since he had knee surgery last year, he has to use his “Step” three times a week. I keep him on schedule.

3. I’m great company for manicures. (Look! My nails are purple for spring!)

4. I help Mrs. A find those pesky items that go missing on her desk: paper clips, pens, staples, etc. Occasionally, I’ll knock an earring to the floor and then it’s playtime for me as I bat it everywhere.

5. I’m excellent at waiting for Santa!
6. I make a great companion at bathtime. Just don’t ask me to sit inside when there’s water in the tub. I prefer to press my wide backside to the bottom immediately after the water is drained out, while the porcelain’s still warm.
7. Look how cute I was when they first got me! Now, if I annoy them, I just pull the snuggle kitty routine, and I’m home free.

8. I guard the house against birds, squirrels, and other varmints who think they can attempt to sneak in through the window. (That’s Miss Savannah with me. She’s fun to play with and tease, especially in the middle of the night!)

9. I’m very good at picking up after myself and others!

10. Who’s Mrs. A’s favorite writing partner? You guessed it! Me! Especially when I leap into her lap when she least expects me. (We’ve spilled a lot of coffee with that game…)

11. We’re running low on laundry detergent!

12. I watch over my family while they sleep.

13. Finally, when the house is quiet, and they’ve all gone out somewhere, I snuggle down with my favorite toy and catch a nap.

Come on! Admit it! Don’t you want a skitten of your very own?