Wouldn’t you love to spend a week on the “set” of some of your favorite television shows? It wouldn’t matter if you had a speaking line, if you were an extra in the crowd, or even if you appeared as animation. You just wanna somehow be a part of the fun, right? Well, here’s where I’d love to find myself someday:

1. Dexter (naturally): I’ll be a suspect, a cop, even a body (provided Michael C. Hall bends over me at least once. Yum.)

2. South Park: Sure, it would be as an animated character, but have you seen some of the celebrities who’ve been lampooned there? Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Barbra Streisand and Robert Smith from The Cure (who voiced his own character)…I’d be in excellent company!

3. The Tudors: Ooh, the gowns alone would make this a must-do. And if I can possibly kiss Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Henry Cavill, I’d pay my own airfare and hotel to get there!

4. Top Chef: No way I could compete, but I sure would love to taste some of that yummy food. I’ll even peel potatoes.

5. Shear Genius: Hey! It’s coming back. And I think a perfect challenge would be to transform the do’s of modern romance writers into the do’s of their favorite heroines. Come on, you know you’d sign up if it was offered at RWA National!

6. Two and a Half Men: Just for the laughs alone.

7. Oprah: Only ‘cuz that meant I’d made her Book Club. (Yeah, I know, dream on. But this is my fantasy so don’t wake me yet.)

8. MadTV: Irreverent, rude, wacky. How could you not want to be a part of the fun?

9. Mythbusters: I love these guys. And how often do regular people get the chance to blow things up in the name of science?

10. Any Home Makeover show: I love my dh, but he is really not meant to own a home. And after nearly twenty years of listening to him tell me about another beautification project he’s planning to get to “someday,” I sure would like to see some results! Maybe even before our 50th wedding anniversary!

11. Project Runway: Another RWA National challenge. Make gowns for the Awards Dinner for a few lucky authors!

12. Date My Mom: Ooh, the opportunity to check out my daughter’s potential boyfriend even before she sees him. The power, the power. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

13. Entertainment Tonight: Being interviewed at the premiere of the movie based on my book, of course.

What shows would you like to be on?