As bad as it is for my diet, I keep small individually wrapped chocolates in candy dishes around my living room. This time around, they’re Dove chocolates. One day I noticed that each chocolate has a “Promises message” printed inside the wrapper. And so, at great sacrifice, I decided to unwrap thirteen of these treasures to find the wisdom inside.

1. It’s definitely a bubble-bath day. (This was odd because I was running a bubble bath when I read it. How did they know?)
2. Live your dreams. (You wouldn’t want to live someone else’s, would you?)
3. Wink at someone driving past today. (Oh, that’s a really good idea. I haven’t been stalked by a psycho in ages!)
4. You know what? You look good in red. (No, I really don’t. It clashes with my hair. But hey! They can’t always be right.)
5. Dare to love completely. (As opposed to half-assed.)
6. Send a love letter this week. (Hmmm…might upset the dh. If I send it to him, he’ll suspect I’ve done something wrong. If I send it to someone else, well…let’s just not go there.)
7. Write a real letter, not just an email. (Does the Dove Company have stock in the U.S. Postal Service? What’s with all the letters?)
8. Naughty can be nice. (At last, something we agree upon!)
9. Smile. People will wonder what you’ve been up to. (Didn’t Mae West say this in, like, the 30’s?)
10. Count the stars. (1. Brad Pitt, 2. George Clooney…what? Not those stars? Oh, okay. Maybe tonight.)
11. Make your eyes twinkle. (Can you physically do this? Or isn’t that more like making your heartbeat slow, where you only think you have control?)
12. Make a list of your dreams. (Which dreams? My hopes and aspirations? Or the weird ones where my face is stuck to a window like one of those Garfields with suction cup paws while children throw things at me?)
13. There’s no excuse not to dream. (Again with the dreams? They not only have stock in the USPS, but in Ambien, too!)
I hope you found something inspiring in my list. As for me, it’s off to the gym to work off the calories from all this research!