Last week, Diva Crystal Jordan used the TT to complete the sentence, “Crystal needs…” The answers were so funny, several of us decided to try it with our own names. But when I Googled “Gina needs” I got page after page of other TTers who’d done the same thing. So I decided to try “Gina wants” instead. Here’s what Gina wants according to the search engine:
Thirteen Things “Gina Wants”

1. “Gina wants her man there when she wants him.” (Of course she does. He’s a keeper!)
2. “Gina wants to lick her whiskers.” (I can think of no snappy comeback for this one. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.)
3. “Gina wants to be able to stand up for herself.” (Gee…and here I thought I’d nailed that quality a long time ago.)
4. “Gina wants a pocket in her shoes.” (Now that you mention it, that could be handy.)
5. “Gina wants to die in her old age.” (Doesn’t everybody?)
6. “Gina wants to be a New York Times bestselling novelist.” (Yeah, that would be nice.)
7. “Gina wants Starbucks.” (Always.)
8. “Gina wants to sing ‘I’ll Stand By You.'” (Maybe in Dallas…but only after several razzaritas.)
9. “Gina wants a big, comfortable house where she can entertain future grandchildren.” (In the waaaaaay distant future, please!)
10. “Gina wants everyone to fasten their seatbelts.” (Safety first!)
11. “Gina wants her youth back.” (And you don’t?)
12. “Gina wants to color.” (And have naptime and milk and cookies after lunch. I think this goes hand in hand with getting her youth back.)
13. “Gina wants it all.” (Naturally!)