13 Movies I Should Be Ashamed to Admit I Love

(But I Really Do Love Them…)

You know those movies you watch when there’s no one else around and nothing else on television? Those movies you’ve seen a dozen or a hundred times and still watch? The ones you know are Godawful, but you love ’em anyway? The ones that critics panned? The ones your friends claim are just plain stupid, gross, or downright bizarre?

Here are a few of mine:

1. Drop Dead Fred: When Lizzie’s (Phoebe Cates) life starts to unravel, her childhood imaginary friend Drop Dead Fred (Rik Mayall) appears to make things better. Don’t ask me why, but it’s like a train wreck I can’t turn away from. Favorite scene: The gaggle of imaginary friends in the psychologist’s office.

2. Eurotrip: It’s crude, it’s rude, it’s obnoxious and I cannot get enough of this movie. After breaking up with his Internet girlfriend, Scott (Scott Mechlowicz) heads to Europe to win her back–with the help of his friends. Favorite scene: Too many to count, but maybe…Cooper’s sexual escapade in Amsterdam. Or Scott imitating the robot outside the Louvre. Or the nude beach. Take your pick.

3. Ice Princess: Talk about extremes! Michele Trachtenberg of Eurotrip does Disney in this story about Casey, a physics nerd with a passion for figure skating. Sucker that I am, I get weepy every time I watch it. Favorite scene: Casey’s final performance at Sectionals.

4. Good Advice: A very unknown film starring Charlie Sheen as a weasel of a guy who loses his job and girlfriend in one fell swoop. In an effort to stay financially afloat, he takes over his ex’s job as an advice columnist and learns to be a better man in the process. Favorite scene: Cindy’s press conference.

5. Dodgeball: The ultimate true underdog story about gym owner, Peter (Vince Vaughn), and a group of misfits entering a dodgeball competition to keep their fitness club afloat. Favorite scene: Patches O’Houlihan training the guys with wrenches.

6. Accepted: On the heels of Dodgeball, Justin Long stars as Bartleby Gaines, who inadvertently starts his own university when he’s rejected by every college he applies to. Favorite scene: Bartleby listing the courses he’s taking while on the phone with his parents.

7. John Tucker Must Die: New girl in town, Kate (Brittany Snow) hooks up with three girls who’ve been jilted by the school heart-throb to teach him a lesson. Favorite scene: The g-string. Oh, God, the g-string!

8. What a Girl Wants: Rambunctious American (Amanda Bynes) heads to London to find her father, who’s in the middle of a campaign run for Parliament. Okay, so Colin Firth plays her father. Do you need another reason to watch? He wears leather pants in one scene. Favorite scene: Colin Firth in leather pants, dancing to Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo.

9. Addams Family Values: The rare case of a sequel being better than the original has the Addams clan hiring a new nanny (Joan Cusack) who woos Uncle Fester for his fortune. Favorite scene: The First Thanksgiving play.

10. White Chicks: Two FBI agents (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) go waaay undercover, becoming the blond, white Wilson sisters to avert a planned kidnapping. Of course it’s ridiculous, but it’s also funny and never takes itself seriously. Favorite scene: The dance-off in the nightclub.

11. Freaky Friday: The 2003 version pairs Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as the mother/daughter who wind up switching bodies until they can learn to appreciate each other for who they truly are. Favorite scene: The parent teacher conference always makes me cry. (I know; I’m way too sentimental for my own good.)

12. The Brady Bunch Movie/A Very Brady Sequel: The cast is amazing, nailing each of their characters to perfection! And the sequel is equally funny. Go figya. Favorite scene: In BBM, when Jan and Marcia try to become fashion models to earn money. In AVBS, Carol going to a new hairstylist.

13. Legally Blonde: Fashion major Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) heads to Harvard Law School to regain the heart of her ex-boyfriend. Favorite scene: Elle’s friends showing up to see her first trial.

I could go on and on, but really…that’s enough to get you started. Maybe I’ll do another list next week. How many of these are on your list? How many have you never seen? How many would you not be caught dead watching? (It’s okay, you can tell me.)