It’s only six days away! Who’s getting excited? Me! Me! Here’s why:

1. The Diva Dinner on Thursday night

2. The RWU get-together on Friday

3. The workshops (I’m moderating one: “I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Written That Way–Creating the Anti-Heroine” on July 13th)

4. My agent appointment (No…I won’t tell you who I’m meeting yet. Wait for the wrap-up. Just wish me luck in the meantime.)

5. Getting together with all my writing friends

6. The Literacy Signing on Wednesday night (My first time! And don’t forget to play the Diva game if you’ll be there!)

7. Rooting for friends at the Awards Dinner on Saturday night

8. The Dallas Zoo (I’m a zoo freak. Have to hit one every time I go to a new city: that, or an aquarium.)

9. New shoes!

10. Did I mention the Diva Dinner?

11. How about the RWU get-together?

12. Meeting new friends

13. For 5 full days, I’m not an “employee,” “wife,” or “mom.” I’m just another romance writer in a sea of romance writers. Ah…bliss!