We all have them; those confusible words that we look at and think, “Is that right? It looks odd.” Whether it’s spelling or general use, here are a few of my personal pet word peeves:

13 Commonly Misspelled or Misused Words
1. Lightning (Lightening is the result of successful dieting. That flash in the sky is lightning.)
2. Withdrawal (Would you believe I actually saw withdrawl on a news program?! Eek!)
3. Affect/Effect (Affect is the act; Effect is the end result. “Global warming affects our planet, having a negative effect on living things.”)
4. Farther/Further (Use farther for measures of distance; further for everything else.)
5. A lot (Two words!)
6. All right (Again, two words!)
7. It’s/Its (Do you use an apostrophe for “hers” or “his”? So, why use one in the possessive “its”? You don’t. It’s is the contraction of “it is.”)
8. Lead/Led (The first one is a metal; the second is how the fireman got the victim through a dark house.)
9. Irregardless (Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh! There is no such word. The word is simply regardless.)
10. Stationary/Stationery (If you’re standing still, you’re stationary. You write on stationery.)
11. Nauseous/Nauseated (When you’re nauseous, you’re making someone else sick. When you’re sick, you’re nauseated.)
12. Imply/Infer (To imply is to suggest–think of the old retort, “I resent the implication…” To infer is to draw a conclusion.)
13. Ensure/Insure (Insure has to do with insurance contracts. Use ensure unless your hero works for MetLife.)
Got any pet word peeves of your own to share?