Way back when, I asked my crit partners for topics to blog about and every once in a while, I pull one out to consider. Today’s came from Judith Leger who had blogged about a dream that influenced her writing. “What influences your writing?” she wanted to know.


Well, really. What doesn’t? Like Judy, I’ve written scenes based on dreams. I’ve had people ask me to write a story for them and had scenes floating in my head before I’ve even walked away. A Little Slice of Heaven came into being when the guys in my local pizzeria wanted to know why no one ever writes a romance about a pizzeria. (And of course, since then La Nora came out with Blue Smoke, but that’s a story for another time.) Moments in history, famous quotes, songs, the couple in the car next to me at the traffic light–they’re all fodder for my imagination. The only things I need are a good cup of coffee, some outside stimuli, and a keyboard. The rest is…dare I say?…magic!

What influences your writing?