I recently won a Barnes & Noble gift card. That sucka’s been burning a hole in my purse ever since. I knew exactly what books I planned to buy. I just didn’t have the time to get to the bookstore. At last, today, I had to drop my daughter’s car off at the mechanic for its annual inspection. Since the mall is right down the road and we had about two hours to kill, The Girl and I decided to grab some lunch and hit a few stores–Barnes & Noble among them.

Of course, my daughter’s stomach came first. So we went to California Pizza Kitchen. I ordered a small buffalo chicken entree, but our waiter screwed up and brought me a buffalo chicken pizza instead. Rather than wait for a correction, I said nothing and proceeded to eat the pizza. But, it was much larger than I wanted so I wound up with more than half a pizza left to take home. So did my daughter (who got her correct order) and we put both extras into one big pizza box. From there, we headed a few stores down to Barnes & Noble.

Now, as I previously stated, I knew *exactly* what books I wanted. Found the first one right away. The second one…nope. Checked alphabetically under Author Name. No dice. Checked the front end caps. Nada. Checked the “New Releases” section. El Zippo. So, I decided to settle for the one book I’d found and perhaps a dark cherry frappuccino from the in-store Starbucks to soothe my disappointment. Got on the escalator with the girl, holding the big pizza box with my book and a book for her balanced on top. The escalator descended and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the display of THE BOOK I WAS LOOKING FOR.

Here’s where my insanity comes into play. Rather than continue downstairs and then reascend on the Up escalator, I whirled around and began racing up the down escalator, still clutching the pizza box and other books. Yes, I stumbled once or twice, and from downstairs one of the employees yelled at me, but I didn’t drop anything and I got my book. That’s devotion, folks. Or stupidity. Take your pick. All I care about is…I got both books. Win!