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And thanks to Sandra Cormier aka Chumplet for “tagging” me for my earliest memory. Wow! This one took me a while because some memories aren’t memories at all, but stories I’ve heard about my childhood from my parents or siblings. But here goes: I distinctly recall jumping on my brother’s bed at the age of 3, maybe 4. I came from a large family: I was the 5th of 7 kids and we only had a three bedroom/one bath house. So for the first several years, my two younger sisters and I slept on the pullout couch in the living room. My two older sisters had one bedroom, my two older brothers had another, and my parents the last room. Anyhoos, I remember jumping on my brother’s bed while he quizzed me on the pictures of his favorite football players at the time. The only one I can remember vividly now is Bart Starr. I’ll be checking Sandra’s other tags to read theirs as well!