Maybe it’s the fact that my endocrinologist changed my thyroid medication (again!), but I’m cranky today. Now, admittedly, even she’s tired of trying to get me regulated. After all, it’s been eight years since I was first diagnosed with my thyroid disorder and she’s my third endocrinologist since this roller coaster left the station. Today, she noted, “You know, one day you’re going to come in here and I’m going to say, ‘That’s it! We’ve finally hit on the magic formula that keeps your levels perfect!’ and you’re going to fall off the examining table.” Maybe…but I’m not adding extra padding to my butt as a just-in-case anytime soon.

In any event, to match my mood, I figured today I’d share some of life’s petty annoyances. See how many raise your hackles.

1. The Anna Nicole Smith debacle. Can we please let this poor woman alone yet? When is enough enough?
2. New items that break the day after you’ve thrown out the receipt: earrings, toys, zippers on clothing, etc.
3. Having my Internet connection conk out the minute I hit “Send” on a particularly long post or email.
4. SUV drivers who ride up so close behind you their headlights are giving you a free CT scan of the brain.
5. Experienced but unpublished writers who insist that “Nora” (insert any other world-famous author’s name within the quotes) can do it, so why can’t they. For starters, you don’t have their contract deadlines. Much less their following.
6. The “Boogeyman” who threatens children through song lyrics, websites, or video games. Be a responsible parent: teach your children street smarts as well as their ABC’s. When I grew up in another decade, the boogeyman was telling kids to commit suicide in rock songs. Smart kids, ones whose parents took an interest in them, didn’t consider lyrics as a hard and fast rule to live by. That would be like believing if they bought explosives from The Acme Co., they might blacken their hair and face, but they’d come back to life in the next frame.
7. “Tall” coffees in small cups.
8. Celebrities doing commercials for weight loss centers and products. Yeah, right. You went to weekly weigh-ins with average hausfraus and told your personal chef to simply open that box of crappy beef and elbow macaroni for your dinner.
9. The Donald and Rosie. Enough insults in the never-ending desire for publicity. Does anyone really base their own opinions on what these two think? About anything?

Thanks for listening. And feel free to vent your own frustration!