I can see so many Finish Lines, it’s like a sea of checkered flags! The first is for my WIP, currently called Ends…With Benefits (but it will definitely need a new title before I start shopping it around. Stay tuned. I smell a contest!) I know exactly how it’s going to end, I’m thisclose to reaching The End, and I have to slow myself down so I don’t rush The End.

And on the ELIRWA front, our fledgling little writing organization jumped another hurdle this afternoon when we heard from RWA that our paperwork has been received and provisional status approved. We can now start our incorporation procedures with New York State in the hopes of becoming a full-fledged chapter as soon as the bureaucrats rubber stamp our forms!

A lot of people may look at us suspiciously and say, “You got a chapter up and running that fast? Come on. You must have been planning this for a looooong time.”

The answer? “Nope. We’re just that good.”

We work well together. We don’t allow ego to get in the way. We each have our strengths and we run with them, regardless of “who’s in charge”. And that enthusiasm has even carried over to our newer members who are eager to provide input into creating the best chapter of RWA in the Long Island area.

In other news: the girl has narrowed down the college search to a select few institutions. Just a few more campus tours and we’ll have our winner. (Though they’re all too far from home for me. I’m going to miss seeing my little girl every morning, every evening… sniff!)

Yes, those finish lines are looking very appealing. But then the question becomes, “What will you do when you have all that extra time on your hands?”

The answer? “Write the next book of course!”