Last weekend, Eleanor Cunningham celebrated her hundredth birthday by…wait for it…skydiving. Dayum, girl! I thought I was a badass for doing it at fifty. Doing it on your hundredth? That’s amazing! And…inspiring.

We all have some kind of “bucket list,” a set of goals we want to achieve when we have more time, retire, hit a milestone, find the money, etc.

And while some of those goals do require more time or money, how many of them are doable for you right now? If there’s a goal on your list you could be doing but haven’t accomplished yet, what’s stopping you? Is it really time? Or is it, more likely, fear?

What are you waiting for? Your hundredth birthday? What if you don’t make it? 

Here’s an idea:

Take stock of those goals still in the “Wish” column of your bucket list and plan to do the ones that are possible. Be brave. Seize the day. 

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