I’ve been catching up on my reading lately and I can’t tell you how many romance books I’ve picked up, read halfway through, then tossed aside because they had no hint of conflict. What do I mean by conflict? I’m talking about that deep-rooted issue that tears the characters apart or makes it unlikely they could ever become a couple. By the time I reach the 50% mark on my Kindle, I should be seeing some reason why these two people can’t be together. 

Oh, sure. They all had some kind of pain in their past that kept them from achieving their hearts’ desires. But between the hero and heroine, it’s just been a lot of dating: dinner, movies, picnics. There’s usually a big misunderstanding, a breakup, and then bam! Someone or some trivial event brings them back together, they talk it out, and they live happily ever after–but not before one more stupid cliche tragedy like a minor kidnapping, a shooting, or some other life-or-death situation that only serves to prove to the characters how deeply they love each other.

Bleccch. Give me a hero and heroine who need to give up something they value, who risk their reputations or their greatest treasures, who put it all on the line for love. Otherwise, I’m out (generally around the 50% mark).

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