I’m still working on the sequel to Eternally Yours, titled, In Your Dreams. For the record, I might hit page 100 today if I push. I know, I know. My readers are wondering “What’s taking so long?” Lots of things. 

I won’t give excuses about life getting in the way or the day job or my other projects. The biggest impediment to writing this story is me.

To me, Eternally Yours, my love after death paranormal is my magnum opus: the best book I’ve ever written. I poured everything in my heart into that story. To dare to write a sequel is ambitious and a bit daunting. I don’t want to write a pale copy. I don’t want to disappoint myself or my readers. So every scene, every sentence, every word must be perfect. Is this my normal writing method? No. And that’s part of the problem. I’m my own worst enemy in this case.

Knowing the problem, though, doesn’t necessarily fix the problem. Would you just erect a standard doghouse next to the Eiffel Tower? Hang a stick figure drawing beside the Mona Lisa? Serve a Big Mac alongside lobster thermidor?

And sure, Eternally Yours probably won’t go down in history as one of the epic novels of mankind. But it will always remain one of my epic novels. To pour all of myself into another story takes time.

So to my readers, I say, “Be patient with me. I know you’re anxious. But I always want to give you the very best. You’ll be glad you waited when you finally see it.”

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