Notice anything different? 

Yep. I’ve updated my blog…again. Over the years, I found the red and gold a little too heavy, through new updates I’ve discovered difficulty in getting the fonts at a good size, photos weren’t popping up on social media the way I liked, and my social media share buttons had disappeared. So, for my benefit and yours, I spent some time cleaning and streamlining this haven for book news, recipes, and my outlook on the world.

This kind of minor upheaval is not that unusual for me. Every half-dozen years or so, I feel the need to declutter, to update, to make a few changes. It’s not just online. I’ll change my hairstyle (and color–more to come on that!), I’ll clean out my closet and update my wardrobe, and I’ll renovate a room in my house. 

Sometimes, like now, it coincides with my husband being out of the country. I think it has to do with a sudden switch in my priorities. If I’m not worried about cooking dinner or running errands, I can focus my energies elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not chained into the Happy Housewife role when he’s around. It just seems to be easier to get things done when he’s not underfoot or voicing opinions. 


Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m closing in on The End on another book and I’m dragging my feet?

Yeah, that could be it, too.

Either way, look at my new blog! Ain’t it pretty? What’s next? Probably my website. Stay tuned.

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