Trying to come up with things to do with that leftover turkey? This is one of my favorite post-holiday recipes.

Greek Lemon Turkey Soup

1 turkey frame (and enough meat to have approximately 2 cups diced turkey)
2 qts turkey (or chicken) stock
1 qt chicken broth
Assorted soup vegetables
3 eggs
3-4 lemons, separated
Cooked rice or orzo

Simmer turkey frame with meat, stock, broth and vegetables on low heat for 3-4 hours. Remove frame and discard. Juice two lemons and whisk into eggs. Temper the eggs by slowly, in gradual amounts, whisking two cups of hot broth into egg/lemon mixture. Slowly add egg/lemon/broth into soup, stirring constantly, and allow the soup to thicken. Add additional lemon juice to suit taste. Add cooked rice or orzo before serving.

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