Remember last week when I said a New Year meant new changes? Yeah…well, welcome to ’09, baby! Those changes are already swirling around me like a pod (school? swarm?)…er, a whole bunch of octupus (octopi?). Forget it. You get the idea. Here’s what’s currently stirring up my current:

I’m judging two contests–one of them, The Golden Heart. (Don’t go running out to ship me chocolates, entrants! I may be cheap but I’m not easy.)

I’m working on my WIP (but really need some solid time to actually write lots of pages at once.) I’m so close to the Black Moment, I can taste it on the horizon. It’s like a big block of dark chocolate justoutofreach when you’ve been living on water and lemon rinds for weeks.

And I’m deeply involved in a major project that requires a tremendous amount of my time and attention right now. Can’t say much more at the moment, but you’ll start hearing the tremors soon, I’m sure. This particular project is exciting, exhausting, and frustrating all at the same time. More to come at a later date.

I sense a very large pot of coffee in my future.