Anyone who follows my blog on a regular basis is going to be pretty surprised at the deep discount on posts and features. In truth, I went from over 1000 posts to slightly less than 500. Why? Well, it’s all due to a scary blog post I read this week about Roni Loren’s experience. You can find it here (and I urge anyone who has photos they did not take themselves anywhere on their blog to go look!)

I’ve just spent the last two days revamping my blog. I probably went overboard, but better safe than sorry. First to go were my Music to Write By posts, which included videos from YouTube. Then, I remembered all those little images on my Monday Pop Quiz features. How do I know the quiz creator either created those images or had permission to use them? Yanked. After that, all my holiday greetings with the sparkly art work. Same question applies to them. El-gone-o.

I even removed all my funny LOLcat and LOLdog photos to be safe.

In fact, at this stage, the only images left on my blog are my own covers, one or two covers for friends that specifically promote their books, and photos I took myself.

You might want to do the same. Thus concludes today’s public service announcement.

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