I’ve been working (off and on) on WAITING IN THE WINGS for almost a year now. I know there are readers saying, “Come on already! How long can it take to write a book?”

Depends on the book. Some books basically write themselves and can be completed in a few months. 

But the books in the Afterlife Series are not quite so easy. First of all, I’m working within a new world: the Afterlife. Know anyone who’s ever been there who told you about it? Yeah, so there’s that problem. I can’t exactly pull up photos from a friend’s vacation. Keeping that world accurate as I continue to visit the Afterlife is a challenge that requires my steel-trap memory and scads of notes.

Complicating that issue is the fact I’m working in different departments of the Afterlife: Bounty-hunting, Probation, and now, Children’s Services.

Add in the emotional component. Suicide, cancer, death. These aren’t exactly breezy topics to explore. They take a toll on a writer’s psyche.

And there’s one more thing. I take great pride in my books. Every word I write is chosen for a reason. I toy with scenes, stretch my imagination, and stray outside the box over and over again. I never want to be known as an author who “used to write amazing stuff, but now just phones it in.”

All these things take time. I hope you’ll be patient with me as I finish this story. 

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