Okay, sure, it helps pay the bills while I’m waiting for some Hollywood producer to offer me a wheelbarrow full of cash to turn my books into movies. And my bosses are super-supportive of my writing. (One boss insists that whenever I get a new cover from a publisher’s art department, I print her out a copy and autograph it. She thinks they’ll be worth something someday. Who am I to disillusion such sweet naivete? Another keeps me supplied with scrap paper.)

But this week, I get an extra special treat. I won the Question of the Month for the first time since I started in this place four and a half years ago. (You’ve heard of the Luck of the Irish? I don’t have it. If my name was the only one in the fishbowl, the fish would win before I would. )

This month’s prize? A $25.00 gift card to Borders! Woot-woot!

Oh, just the thought of all those books… (I shiver in anticipation and my palms are getting sweaty.)

My first choice would have been Katherine Allred‘s soon to be released Close Encounters. (I was a critique partner for this masterpiece–my first real foray into futuristic romance and Kathy blew me away chapter by chapter.) But that doesn’t become available for another six months! And this little gift card will never make it until April 2009–though you can bet I’m still plunking down my hard-earned cash on Close Encounters. In fact, I’ve already pre-ordered it.

The new J.D. Robb book, Salvation in Death, just came out. And I do need to get my Eve Dallas fix. But the dh gets automatically notified whenever a new J.D. Robb book becomes available: this way he can’t screw up my birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

I’ve read all the Lisa Scottoline books. Ditto my Bertrice Small collection, which seems to take up an entire wall in the garage these days. I have every Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Sarah Strohmeyer title in print. I’ve devoured Shana Abe‘s work.

So help me spend my gift card, kids! Recommend a new author or book to me, one you’ve recently discovered and can’t wait to dive into again and again. You can check out My Library list on the left for samples of what I’ve read so far this year. If it’s quirky, unique, or unputdownable, I want to know about it.