Giving. It’s the second half of the compound word for the holiday we Americans will be celebrating at the end of the month. And while all over the Interwebs, I see people posting their daily “What I’m thankful for” blurbs, I want to focus on the “giving” part. Yes, I know that I’m supposed to be “giving thanks,” and in my own way, that’s what I plan to do. But not with words.

This morning, on my local news, a reporter interviewed the head of a food pantry here who said that, with two weeks left until Thanksgiving Day, they hoped to feed about 1600 families and currently have about 40 turkeys on hand. Let’s face it. People are struggling. It’s nice to see everyone thankful for their friends, their family, their morning coffee. But there are too many strangers who are going hungry every day, our government is too fixated on hurting people for spite than helping for the good of all, and too many of us stay insulated in our own bubbles. I hate to burst that bubble, but forwarding the latest meme on Facebook does nothing of substance to fix the problems.

If you’ve followed my blog or know me personally, you know that 2012 was the most challenging year my family has ever faced. And I am extremely thankful that we managed to overcome many of our obstacles and find ourselves in a better place in 2013. But I don’t forget that we were fortunate at a time when others were not. 

Because of my good fortune, and with the memory of last year’s pain and loss still resonating in my heart, I am reminded I can make a difference for others this year. I recently got a royalty check for last month’s sales. It’s not JK Rowling or Stephen King huge. It’s small potatoes, really. But it’s a little extra for me. 

Well, not this month. This month, it’s extra for someone else.

I’m on my way to the supermarket where I plan to buy at least ten turkeys. Yes. At least ten. I’ll be driving to that man’s pantry to drop them off. Oh, and I’m bringing my kids. They need the reminder, too.

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