I do that a lot. Juggle, I mean. Not literally, of course. (Although, I do recall my brother tossing oranges at the kitchen table while singing the old calliope tune…)
I juggle tasks. Writing, editing, workshops, day job, home stuff, family stuff, and all the multitudes of mini-tasks each entails. And sure, I drop a ball or two occasionally. Or I become drained and need to find a way to replenish the well.
That’s why I love conferences. Whenever I’ve had enough networking, I retreat to the privacy of my room, tune out, and rejuvenate me. And when I’m ready, the buzz is waiting for me, a few floors below.
This morning, I’m in the coffee shop (along with several other NJRW conference attendees), sipping my morning Starbucks, writing a new chapter (and this blog post), soaking up a little R&R before the real work begins a few hours from now. 
Stick around. Check my Facebook page. I’ll be posting photos and info as we go along…

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