Yeah, we’re expecting more of the white stuff to come our way tomorrow. Four to eight inches. Yippee. (Note the lack of exclamation point at the end of my declarative statement–this denotes sarcasm.)
So I’m preparing. I baked banana blueberry bread, I’m making chicken soup, and I’m considering tossing some turkey chili in the Crock Pot.
There’s nothing like the threat of a snowstorm to put me in a “nesting” mood. I cook (I don’t clean–are you joking?) and I make sure we’ve got plenty of firewood inside so I don’t have to schlep once the fun starts. Then, once the flakes start swirling, I hunker down in my jammies and slippers with the fam, brew up flavored hot chocolate, allow the pets to curl up beside me and…

Oh, wait. I have to go to work tomorrow. Well, it was a nice fantasy, wasn’t it?

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