Yep. I’m on vacation. Hooray!
Hubster and I are taking a few days to visit Newport, Rhode Island. After weeks of kraziness with lots of editing, writing, and marketing, I’ll unplug, reboot, and catch up on life. But of course, I plan to bring my Kindle. I’ve got lots of reading to do!
And then I’m off to NJRW for their annual Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. This year’s theme: Dream Big, Write Now! I’ll be hosting my self-editing workshop, spending time with friends, and signing at the literacy event there so if you’ll be attending, look for me. With my red hair, big laugh, and loud mouth, and Long Island accent, I’m pretty hard to miss.
As vacations go, it’s not exactly a cruise of the Greek Isles or a week at a spa in Sedona, but it works for me. 
Watch for pics on Facebook! 

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